Wednesday, September 10, 2008

blogging in the office

minggu ni aku masuk dalam kategori amat amat amat amat free kot. At least for past two days, I've been loitering around. Surfing2 cari rumah, cari resipi, cari lah ape2 yg patut. hari ni, sambung surfing, tengah nak decide what training to attend. I got to attend a training before end of the year to meet my KPI. Problem now is that just 2 trainings yang tinggal, yg i feel OK to attend. One is the portal training, the other one is the workload analysis.

Portal sounds more canggih isnt it. Just few matters causing me still cant decide to go for this one. Training is from 22-26 sept. Our project go live on 15th sept. After go live tonnes of issues are expected and loads of refreshes gonna happened. How am i supposed to go away for a week. Anyway, i sent email to my boss for permission. One issue, the training cost 10K, that is = 1 year bond. ah... another year here? aih..... btw, this company is being bought by indian co for 400+++mil pound sterling. how the future gonna be, better or worst? - no idea.

worst case scenario, workload analysis training is there :p. no bond. tapi.. workload je lah. marah graham kalo tau aku kate "workload je lah".

I am now looking for something else that I can do other than continuing to work on the job am working now (so much about the bond.. blurgh). feel sooooo demotivated to work these days. my hubby said, "maybe still in holiday mood". After four years doing this work, i still feel like I dont like this job, I cant perform and blabla. Bila dah tak suka, macam2 la. Hubby gave a suggestion, to start back my online shop that was tergendala due to kesibukan menguruskan hal2 wedding, and also bz at office. hm, good idea. since now i can get the stock from jakarta, why not i just give it a try. But yet, i dont think i can give up my job yet, the pay wont be the same. :((. Especially saat tgh berangan2 nak beli rumah nih. haaa, sedih. online shop is just to add some RM, itupun kalau ade customer.

i am at my negative mood. better write again when i am at my ups.. have a nice day!

PS: these few days i cook for berbuka puasa! (bangga2) biasanya beli je. sbb morning shift, blh la masak. tapi sekarang terasa macam pasar ramadhan kinrara melambai2 :D.


///my life is like riding the ferris wheel..


Miss Kuza said...

kalau ko supply brg2 dari jakarta,aku mau...aku mau!!!(sambil mengangkat tangan..)...hehehe..
aku nk beli souvenir utk kenduri..hikss...
kalo ko nk amik tender tu,suka lah aku utk membelinye...:D

shu said...

hmm.. aku blh cuba, tak janji though sebab selera orang lain2, kak.. ini wedding, salah beli kang ko ngamuk kat aku.. cemane?

anyhow, those boleh diarrange. nanti ym ngan aku utk discuss, aight?

Dila said...

oh.. I kinda hate work too.. Macam2 try .. tapi tadek yg berkenan. Yang berkenan cuma duk tgk tv je bole?


shu said...

heee.. me too!! i've given some hints to my hubby :D..