Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bye shafinaz! see u when i see u.

Knowing that she's leaving, giving me a light 'pang'. Seeing her leaving, makes me wonder when is my turn to leave :P. She's leaving for the best (i keep telling myself that). At least she'll gather new experience and knowledge, get new friends, living at new state and for sure, getting a better pay. :).

Being in a office where malay is a minority and being in a team where girls are hardly to be seen, its really nice to have someone like her around. Someone nice and warm. Someone cute and sweet. Someone friendly. And now, she's not in the same office as me anymore. Ahh, she's leaving for a better opportunity :).

After this i have no one to nag to (except i have my husband, of course). Hm, i dont know how long i'll stand it here as well. But I need the $$$. I am looking out for better opportunity. something without shift and better pay. However, I have a problem with the 'interview' word. Believe it or not after more than 4 and a half years working, i have never been to a single interview eventhough I have worked in two different company. I have sit in an interview as interviewer (i was a good viewer), but not as interviewee. Hm, what worst could happen if I try out for an interview, isnt it? At least I got the experience, there's always has to be a first time. Since I am not that desperate to get a new job, if I failed, it wont feel sooooo bad uh. (trying hard to convince myself, am at a very low self-esteem mode :( ).

Now.. i want to go for dinner.. bubye! //what a sudden ending :P


Miss Kuza said...

esok pasti ade kawan baru...
jgn sedey2...:)

shu said...