Friday, October 31, 2008

weekend coming! it's finally here! huuuuraaayyyyyyy!

Lalalala.. Counting mins before my working hours end. And here come Saturday. My favourite day :). Why? Because it's saturday lah! Its two days before the day I got to go to work again. :) the farthest day from my working day. Today i got load of tedious stuff to do. In fact its not even done yet. But, gheeeeeee i am simply lazy :P. since some of them are not super urgent, I have cleverly plan to do it next monday. Erm, I am not paid that much till I want to work even after my working hours are over. Heeeee these past few days been nagging bout salary. Its just a down period for me :). Just bear with me uh!

Where to this weekend, friends? Erm, some of my friends busy with their wedding preparations. Been there. I know how it is. Anyway, its a moments that I'll remember for a long long long time. Those sweet (sweat) tiring moments :p. Once in a life time kan... InsyaAllah. But, I read on Dila's sad story today. Sigh. Really hope I can help, but,... I am not sure how yet. Dila (if u r reading this), hope u'll find the way to resolve the issue and SABAR bnyk2.

Okay la. GTG home. //sudden ending lagi. My husband sudah ajak balik rumah. Times up. I got loads planned for the weekend. Will see how much really achieved.

Have a good weekend, folks.


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