Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the bloody doctor

One fine evening, one cute girl walked into one ****** clinic. She put her insurance card at the counter and proceed to sit with her lovely husband.

And then she got called into the doctor's room.

She walked in.

As usual, doctor will start by asking "what's wrong?"

She said "I got a bad headache".

He started taking her blood pressure, temperature and listened to her heartbeat.

All ok, he said.

oh,OK, fine. she thought.

"what might caused this, doctor?" she asked.

Doctor wrote something on a piece of paper, pretend dumb, and asked "ada allergy?"

She said "no".

Doctor said "ok", and continue writing on that bloody paper again.

"Oh, I am having flu as well, doctor" She said.

"erm, thats not allergy" Doc said with very not nice tone.

She was puzzled.

The doctor said "ok, ni takde apa2 ni. nanti ok".

"OK, tq", she got up and walked towards the door.

"hari ni ada kerja? Mau MC?" the $*hd&r doc asked.

"no", she left the room with super sour face.

When collecting her medication, she realised, all the pills are for 'headache' only.

Then she saw the doc walked out of clinic with his bag, off his shift. bugger!

He thought she just came to see him for mc! She banned the clinic.

Today, she's working, but, working from home. yesterday, she was on mc without mc letter.


Miss KouzEr said...

kenapa tak marah je...
patient always right tau...
tak berbaloi lnsung...
aku pon ble ade pangkat doc kalo stakat nk test cmtu....
sgt tidak bagus!!!

Dila said...

Kinda sucks jugak la. Huhuhu.. tp kalo saya amik jugak mc tu. But after that tak gi dah kat situ. Weird la doktor camtuh. Macam tak ape org ckp... tak uphold their profession sanctity.