Monday, November 10, 2008

i am sleepy and yet am blogging..

I have just finished watching Miss Potter. I like watching this kind of movie at times. I mean, most of the times :P. Just like reading Jane Eyre. I love it!

Some might think its classic, boring, but what to do, I somehow fancy those.

Its a old setting movie (Miss Potter) and its in England heeee. Somehow the grey-and-dark gloomy country gets my attention more than the hi-tech ones.

Just like when I was in London few months back, I stayed in Canary Wharf as thats where my client is. Its a modern side of London. Everything is steel and glass. Very nice indeed. I like it.

But when I go to other part of London, I enjoyed it more. The old part.

Oh Miss Potter, why do I like it? Erm, the plots are OK. The sceneries that I saw especially when she went to Hill Top etc, are those that I like most. I wish i can go to england again. The farms... the hills.. the breeze.. and the coldness heeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I like the way they speak. There's politeness.

P o l i t e n e s s.. hmm...

Btw, dont get the wrong idea, I like my own country. Its just that, tak salah menghargai keindahan alam ciptaan Tuhan, kan....

Okay lah, am too sleepy to keep mumbling tumbling bumbling around. going to bed now. my boo is waiting. My husband is still at work. rajin kan dia....?

//each individual has things that she likes and dislike, those are up to her. who are u to judge her????<br>


bahiyahnor said...

hehe... baya suka miss potter jugak... =D is it miss poRter or miss poTter? either way, i love the way they speak too... just imagine if they still speak the same way today... =D

shu said...

Miss Potter.. I wrongly typed.. thanks!