Monday, November 10, 2008

why i dislike Monday?

What has Monday done wrong to me?


And I still dislike it :P.


  • simply bcz its Monday - u know, the blues blues thingy..
  • kene kerja selepas seronok bercuti2..
  • if im on morning shift means i got to get up early. urgh.
  • i have to prepare & submit my timesh*t. oh my... lupa. erk.
  • means, another 5 days of bloody working days. blurghhhhh.
  • it's my laziest day of the week.. everyday pun lazy but monday is the worst... weeeee (*wink*).
  • i hate the pantry on Monday morning. it stinks as no one take out the rubbish left over the weekend! haih.
  • i dont even like the word "Monday". at least for now.
  • no more bergolek2 depan tv whole day long. have to wait for another 5 more days. aiks (garu2)
  • sukati la, nak suke ke tak, kan. perasaan masing2. (sengih2)
  • dan mcm2 lagi....

Ape masalah saye?

Takde ape.

Cume saye bosan, takde kerja & ngantuk.

weekend yg baru lepas ni takde la se-seronok mane pun. saye on call whole weekend. husband on call on saturday. sekarang saye lebih kerap on call sbb team dah tinggal 3 org. erm. cut it out! malas cerita about work.

Ok, gtg!

have a nice Monday. (though its a monday, lets just make it a nice ones.....). Kalo takde monday, bile nak sampai friday, kan..



Dila said...

Monday rase mcm nak duk sluggish je dpn komputer click click site yg specialize utk decrease IQ

shu said...

i spent whole day surfing without any feeling of guilt... ;)

zura lias said...

aku pun x suke monday..bile monday je..aku rase nape le bukan sunday or saturday... :D

shu said...

yea.. saturday is the day aku suke the most.. sebab.. masih ade sunday after that.. heee