Friday, December 12, 2008

been bz

Clicking at those blog links in my links list, 'urgh, she didn't update her blog!'

Thats what i did for the past week or so.

At times i am way tooo busy

Yet there are time i am a bit free or super free..

But yet saye sangat malas update blog. sebab nothing nice to tell pun.

Berita terkini pun takde

oh ade.. company saye dibeli oleh company lain..

for 400mil pound

hm.. share holders mesti tgh kira duit.. ceh. kalo overflow kat bank leh tumpang akaun saye. tak kisah pun....

Nmpk nyer we can almost kiss our krismas hamper goodbye sbb this year takde pun yg hantar email tanya nak food or wine hamper.

Walaupun i cant finish all the hamper content, tapi sometimes, its nice to get free stuffs. aiseyyyyyyy haih! nak jugak!!!!!!

This month bnyk wedding :) will be attending some, got to pass some as time doesnt permit me to attend alllllll... sorry ~

This month my husband is a bit bz with upgrade work

My weekends are mostly NOT free as it will either be me or my husband who has got to work - both at times.

However, this weekend is gonna be a superb ones (insyaAllah) - both of us are freeee!!! heeeeeeeeeeeee

So, planning nyer on saturday, we gonna service my macho swift, watch movie, post items that i managed to sell online ~ weeee, and at night will be attending sham's (officemate) wedding.

Then on sunday, my hubby's friends coming for training with i*m, they ajak p genting, erm, hentam je lah labu, p genting time2 hujan gini, its either dangerous and BOSAN ler. mane ade yg open time2 ujan. been to genting time musim ujan, wasted. dowh, mls ckp. ikut kan ajer. casino bukak time2 ujan.. hahaha rosak!

Kenape genting????? che' tak tau. aiks. enjoy je ler.

Anyway, buat teman2, selamat berweekend yer! ~

Saye masih di kantor.. apekah.. urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!


zura lias said...

happy ko this week camne?free lagi dedue?

shu said...

aku supposed to be on call. tapi dah swap dgn org lain. :D next weekend will be the boring ones. haaa.. blog aku citer psl weekend je. takde citer lain. ntah ape2 je.

Miss KouzEr said...

ooo...ckp org tak update...
to shuhadah..sila update...
lama tak dgr ceritera chenta dari blog ko ni..hehehhe...