Wednesday, December 24, 2008

been lazy.. :P

when its a holiday time seems to be ticking faster.. dont u think so? i think so..

been off past two days. clearing off my leave.

lately, i lurve to shop. online though. my husband pun terberjangkit. he's been surfing and surveying and etc for one gadget. then he published his wtb item online. someone contacted him. dari perlis konon nya. at super cheap price for that item. cheapest found. its RM400 inclusive postage where other offers at least RM550. hm.

yg suspiciousnya, soooo pushy. dia sms2 je. so bila dig2 lagi mcm makin suspicious. my husband want COD, dia nak post je sbb jauh. hmm.. ok, my husband said he'll pay the postage fees je, she asked for RM80 for postage fees. erm.

my husband mntk no ic, house address, house phone etc. dia bg ic number (sarawak nyer ic), house address yg x lengkap, hp number mak dia, nama dia ******. asked my hubby to google the ic number and name (sometimes u can get some info kan). especially, if its a fraud orang yg terkena sometimes publish at forums. and tadaaaa.. we are lucky.. syukur! my husband dah login as his MB2u dah, luckily belum transfer. ade org published abt that person, and a few of kroni2 nyer. same hp number, ic lebey kurang, cara deal lebey kurang. dah bnyk menipu rupernyer. ceh. no hp mak dia tu rupe2nyer another kroni jgk. ade org yg jumpe gambar "mak" dia - umo cam 13thn je. and likely they are in sarawak. bugger.

same2 la kita berhati2. penipu mmg ramai. tak kira la bangsa ape pun. termasuk la bangsa2 yg merasakan mereka amat bagus. same aje.

selamat cuti esok. pertama kali dlm 4thn setengah bekerja, aku dpt cuti on xmas. heeee...


Ibu Emir said...

hmm.. my fren told me ade sorang jugak macam ni, but she is a lady..

shu said...

same.. this one also is a she..