Thursday, April 30, 2009

dreaming of a holiday

just got back here for four days, and now i feel like going away again. of course, for the last few weeks wasn't really a holiday. I wish for a peaceful-just-two-of-us kinda holiday. not having anyone else keep asking: where to after this? naik apa? kita makan kat mana? that kind of thing la.

sometimes bila pergi mana2 ramai2 and when people depend on us on everything, sume nak suruh org arrange, OK je sbnrnya, tapi right now, at THIS mo, i just want a relaxing holiday. I feel soooo tired these days of having to follow what ppl wants and needs. I want the time for myself and for my hubby. spending a quality time together is good for every couple, isnt it?

yet.. we are bz dgn kerja, dgn family commitment, dgn ntah ape2. cant i just have a break, please????? urghhhh.. stop hogging my time away ok?

//i've submitted my tax thingy.. woohoo..

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