Tuesday, April 28, 2009

few things that i wish to have or to do now..

  • makan ikan cencaru bakar..
  • go to jln TAR lookin'-lookin' for some shawl/selendang
  • buy some stretchable pants that really suits me.. really need this.
  • need new clothes that can fit me well.. :(.. desperately needing this as well.
  • new tudung or new style of tudung..
  • not working
  • crispy popiah ~ got to wait till sunday
  • catch wolverine & fast&furious muvi - hvnt went to cinema since dec08 :P
  • kuih cara.. saw at the pantry, maybe for the training they are holding..
  • choc cupcakes, buttercream topping.. droolingz...
  • ice cream.. ah.. ini akan dpt on the way home later :p. hoping so.


mlm ni aku akan tergolek2 lagi atas katil pk esok nak pakai baju & seluar ape.. took me an hour yesterday. cant go shopping till sunday. the only day of the week yg both of us will be free. yet we have loads of things to settle..in one day. gambate!!

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