Monday, May 11, 2009

some outdoor activities over weekend ~

oh.. before weekend cover ~ these are my cuppycakes that i ordered.

not too bad, but not as expected. anyway, i found another cuppymaker, lurve her designs, maybe i'll try to order kat dia plk next time. why tak buat sendiri? erm.. maybe some other time. i tried before. :p. i got tired cleaning up the kitchen.


Last saturday evening we went to PD. Since my husband never been here and I myself was last been here on 2004 during our class farewell outing, so i suggested to my hubby that we spend some time to jalan2 to PD, to catch some sunset action.

It was a long way journey to PD as I gave a wrong direction that we need to follow jalan dlm to PD. bijak. but, my husband was ok as he said at least he got to see 'more' PD. i oso agree and trying to console myself (so that I wont feel so very very guilty) saying that if we follow highway all the way to teluk kemang, then we wont see the other beaches we passed by. Alhamdulillah, Dia mengurniakan aku dgn suami yg amat le penyabar.

silhouette hubby

We picked Tg Tuan as our destination ~ waiting for the sun to set.


at the time the sun really going down, its hiding behind the cloud, so up there is the best i could capture. the moment is sooo orangey. hubby got better shot as he got better camera (better skill actually). :P as for me, im just a gatal2 photographer. not expert at all. who knows one day i'll be better.. :).

swim and swim and swim summore!

On Sunday pulak, after lunch we headed to Aquaria. Hubby kate dia tak penah pegi sbb aku tak penah ajak. Erk. So, kami pun pegi jalan2 tgk ikan2. best jgk. i got to see piranha makan. pelahap, gelojoh amat. tgn pun tak cuci dulu, isk.

dia sgt berani touching ikan yu pasir ni. aku? jgn harap.

perasan tak, bahagian bawah kepala dia..

it looks like eyes, nose and mouth, are those really its eyes, mouth etc? no idea.

dia melekap je kat glass atas kepala kami. tido.

gambar2 kat aquaria ni mostly tak clear. since lighting tak terang sbb ikan2 nak tido, then of course cannot use flash. aku pun tak reti dah nak tune the camera to get a clearer photo. hubby mls nak bawak his camera.

the chubby mok-mok belut (kot).

after pusing2 around, we head home. i asked my hubby, worth it or not pegi tgk ikan tadi. he said 'yes'.

mlm tu we went for dinner with my ofcmate who happened to stay nearby our house. we went tu klang for ikan bakar. the glamor ones. punya la jauh. about 45mins from bkt jalil. when we reached there, ikan ngan udang je tinggal. ceh. kena dtg awal rupanya. mane la aku tau. next time ler dtg lagi. i want to eat crab, but mls msk sendiri. :(.

we reached home almost 12midnight. there goes my weekend. happy that i didnt just lie down on the bed, sleeping.

ok.. later.. dinner time now!


Anonymous said...

aslmkm.. hi shuhadah shat? mane gambar ko, teringin nk tgk mcmne ko skrg mesti comel...hehehehe -marini.

Miss KouzEr said...

nyum..nyum...terliur gulp(menelan air liur) melihat cupcakes yg shumel itu...
waa...PD in memory...hurm..aku tak smp lagik tak???kena melawat jugak ni....hhihiihih....

Dils said...

hehe.. klaka je. Hubby tak gi sbb you tak penah ajak.

Ayat yang sama jee digunakan oleh my husband, mcm die org completely paralyzed nk gi mana2 kalo kite org tak plan.

shu said...

marini: hi hi!! :) ha tu dah update gambar baru. aku amat gemuks.. :-s

kuza:cupcakes tu aku nak bawak half ke rumah ko, tapi ape kan daye.. ko takde. aku pun mls nak plan awal2 sgt takut tak jadi or etc (almaklum le.. kuat tido). aquaria, quite ok le. sekali sekala pegi tmpt yg bukan mall kan.. learn few new things. rm28 per adult.

dila: yea.. itu yg dia suka ckp to make me feel guilty kot. bila sampai jakarta, aku plk ckp camtu. :P.

Miss KouzEr said...

sob sob ingat jugak kamu pada diriku ini...tharu la mama adah...