Thursday, May 28, 2009

some sort of moving out sales ~

Dearest friends,

im letting go some used items. If anything you found u interested in, do let me know. of course if shoes, clothes etc -- its petite size. (yet mostly my blog readers are not as petite as I am.. lor).

Only few items uploaded, some have already been sold off.
some not yet photo-ed. tak larat dah nak tgk bnyk2. esp shoes.. dowh.
**::My Lil Bookshelves::
**::My Car Boot Sale::

At the time of moving plc like this, tgh kemas2 rumah, baru la terjumpa bende2 yg i never read, not in use anymore, never wear blablabla.

As I dont want to become like a lady who appeared in oprah show long ago, keeping all her stuffs until rumah giler penuh and no space dah dlm rumah even for her kids and grandchild to come around to visit her, so, am selling off and donating some.

have a nice day, friends.

1 comment:

zura lias said...

bagus..bagus..leh wat bisnes..tetibe aku terpikir nak jual balik magazine2 lelama..penuh bilik aku je.. ;)