Monday, June 15, 2009

another great monday!

it was soo great that i got to work until now. tuesday 00:55am. just finishing things off. actually its not too late considering i start my shift at 4pm till 12am this week. after dinner just now i continue working from home. sesuka hati.

tak lah.. since dinner pun dah late. habis dinner pun dah 11+pm, smbg la kerja kat rumah. boss said ok, aku lagi la ok.

earlier, i wanted to blog about kesakitan hati dgn urusan pindah rumah. sgt pissed off. tapi terpaksa tenang kan hati, if not takut darah tinggi plk. well, my blood pressure is slow for the past few months causing headaches all the time.

yet time's running out. i cant continue blogging now! dowh.

i gtg. nak tgk House which i missed just now. heee..

have a nice tuesday, friends!!!!


SueN said...

makcik...jgn tensen2...hv a great day!!!

Dils said...

Rilek2 aje. Esp ibu mengandung ni.

Hehehe.. Eh rumah baru di mana?

shu said...


rumah lama sbnrnya, baru nak sewa, kat bukit jalil. vista komanwel. meh la dtg... erm.. blm dpt kunci tho :P