Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bright side

i just got to think more positively of things in my life.

for instance, this new house (tak habes2). after a while, i find that its ok.

i love the night view. i got to see klcc, menara kl, banyak lampu2 dari rumah2 n kereta2 yg lain at highway. the haze makes the klcc bit unclear, still can see tho. a lot of ppl might have better view from the house , but ini la rumah pertama that i stayed, that got this view and this is the first time i stayed at 14th floor (that explains it). normally, i stayed at landed house or house that is pretty near to the land.

yesterday after maghrib, aku termenung pandang luar tingkap, rehatkan otak for a while selepas penat bekerja seharian. (penat sgt ke..).

i found that the view is quite relaxing. (tgk org drive laju2 at highway somehow giving me peace, uh.. something wrong w me).

the view makes me recalled something that happened about 5/6 years back. i have a friend who used to bring me up the hill, somewhere in kl where we could get about the same view i have from home now. time really flies.. that was 5/6 years back uh, i was soo young back then. and now.. i am still young. huh.

and yesterday evening we managed to sort astro and internet issues as well. we are bit settled now. senang nak kerja from home.

with some matters sorted, maybe those made my head felt lighter. yet, there are still more matters to settle. one at a time.

meh la yer dtg umah aku if teringin nak berehat2 tgk pemandangan kl konon2 (more to pemandangan sri petaling actually.. heee). makan, kita order je la uh. aku msh dlm mood mls masak (that's normal, definitely).

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