Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Letter To The 16 Year Old ME

I've been tagged by Dils. :)

Dear 16 yr old Shu,

i've been trying to write this letter since yesterday, but keep on getting disrupted with some other stuffs.

owh dear me, you are still very young! 11 years younger that me now! phewh thats nice (is it?).

this year, might not be the best of all. u managed to get yourself a place in sbp but yet you are stucked away from civilisation. tempat jin bertendang.

earlier part of the year, you had been pretty close with some people in the school. life has been huhahuha. your dormmates are nice isnt it? yep2 they are nice and some are close to u till the end of your schooling years there. life at school will be ok even all the rules at the school sometimes are just.. rubbish to you? ah, its just to make u more dicipline - was i ever? (but segala kedisiplinan itu hilang setelah meninggalkan gate sekolah).

towards the end of the year, you'll be bit frustrated with some ppl you are close with. your batch got to do something like re-orientation. wth? batch kamu banyak masalah. jadi kena orientasi lagi sekali le hujung tahun nanti after abes exam. then some people mula bermulut celupar, perli2, causing u to burst off as well. dont regret it. its good to let out what u feel. biar rasa kan mereka2 itu. actually, this is the only biggest 'slap-on-your-face' you ever get for the year (bkn physically being slapped). org2 yg u trust are just.. ah, u'll see.

hm.. this year and next, you'll constantly having a 'chocolate sponsor'. chocolate suply hardly ends for you. is it good? yeah, telan je. beside chocolate, ada yg sponsor some other stuffs juga, i forgotten already ape benda2 itu. layan kan. asalkan bukan sugardaddy.

your crush that you are having now.. erm. just enjoy it. it wont do any harm. nothing so special going to come out from it as well. but, suka2 ape salah nyer. this year, i think no heartbroken event gonna happen. wait for next year! just be careful ah.

your so-called-boyfriend are so hard to keep in touch with as you are damn lazy to queue at the public phone. dont you ever ever ever pegi bersusah payah sgt for this bugger. not worth it, NOT AT ALL!

opsss ade BF and ada other crush. owh... who cares! both are not going anywhere. hehe

you are thinking, eating a lot would help you gain height and weight or not. hm, so that you wont get frustrated later, lets get frustrated now, its already bit too late to gain height. can't grow anymore. you'll grow sideways in 7/8 year in future. not too much tho. so, nothing to worry. nothing much to hope. just be happy. all the problems to find suitable shirts, jeans and shoes going to be resolved soon.

hm.. i cant remember much what happened when i was 16. rather than stucked with asrama schedule etc. just be happy and enjoy things that you have! take care!!!!

lots of luv (for myself? heeeee.. ),
the 27th year young Shu



i'd like to see what would kuza, suen, bahiyah and zura would write for their 16 yr old self. however, i also understand that org baru mula pregnant takde mood to update blog esp if she's already tired with ofc work, that mama afni agak bz jg and that orang yg baru jadi student balik ada bnyk tasks lain utk diselesaikan.

so... if rajin... kuza, suen, baya & zura, u've been tagged!


Miss KouzEr said...

nnt aku luangkan masa utk 11 tahun ke belakang :)

Anonymous said...

11 thn lepas kite rajin bals2 surat ko cite keadaan ko kt sklh baru..yg x best surat mesti warden bace dlu...hampeh jek hehehehe -marini

Dils said...

OH... aku baru teringat the "RE-ORIENTATION" thingies too. Itulah yang membuatkan aku lagi benci meluap-luap kat SBP itu. Hahaha and the teachers.

shu said...

kuza: wink..

marini: betul2. disbbkan sekolah itu sgt dihujung dunia, takde hiburan or tempat2 yg warden blh abeskan masa lepas kerja, jadi surat2 menjadi bahan hiburan la kot. sort of utk mengisi masa lapang selain buat spot check and round2 hostel. sian jgk diorg. kebosanan. er.

dils: yep2. itu membuatkan kita semua merasa we didnt belong there. as tho.. dianaktirikan abes abesan. menci kan. we werent so bad isnt it. we are just bit cheeky but yet, very very very nice students. aku smp skrg tak phm kenape kena orientasi lagi. mcm unfair giler.