Thursday, June 25, 2009


woke up this morning with every muscle in my body aching. my back is the worst. still not that good now. therefore, i decided to work from home today.

since not much issues (work), i thought i could do some packing as well. but, i ended up lying around resting... until now 6pm. such a waste of time isn't it?

yet i still don't feel so good. body still aching. bit tired n weak as well. might caused by lacking of food that went down my tummy today as i am too lazy to cook or order anything. in fact too lazy to do anything.

argh... signing off..

too dizzy.

good day, folks.


SueN said...

hiks...aku memahami keadaan ko...sbb aku dah rase....hiks....

Miss KouzEr said...

take care!

shu said...