Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Any suggestion?

As September coming by, InsyaAllah, our baby will arrives as well. I'll be on 2 months maternity leave. Maybe I'll extend another month of unpaid leave.

There's a matter that being my concern these days. Me and my husband have had a long discussion, in fact, few times talking about it, we don't seem to be sure yet on how to go about it.

So, if you friends out there, with kids or not (doesnt matter), has any suggestion whether its better to:

- send the baby to babysitter/nursery when i need to go back to work
- hire a maid

Either one has pros and cons, I know. That's why, Im still gathering and considering those facts to put into consideration. If anyone, has any thoughts or etc, maybe can share with me.

Its a simple thing to decide, maybe. Yet, i'm still undecided.

Of course, I'm not saying that u make the decision for me. Its just that, sometimes, what others' experiences, suggests, ideas, can give u something to think of and to decide matters better.

Some situations to consider:
- I live in the area where nursery for muslim maybe not too easy to come by.
- I work on shift, might finish work pretty late (of course there's always other job).


Miss KouzEr said...

hurm...bagi yg belum ada anak,suggestion aku bdasarkan apa yg aku dgr dr kwn2 la...

1st : mcm kwn aku,nurse yg keje shift,btuah kot sbb dpt pengasuh yg willing nk jaga waktu mlm sbb pengasuh dia ckp,lagik sng sbb baby tido tu if dapat pengasuh sebegitu la kan...aku rs mcm susah nk carik...

2nd : hurm...aku rs,maid ok.iye la,kamu n hubby 2-2 keje shift...if takde option pertama tu,nmpknye,nak tak nak,mmg kena ade maid..

aku rs,problem ko byk kepada working hours ko kot...sbb tu begitu susah utk decide...mcm abg aku,bile dh ade 2 anak,br decide nk ambik maid...hurm..pape pon,smoga dpt buat keputusan yg tbaik utk baby...good luck mommy :)

Anonymous said...

Try mintak ngan management whether bleh tukar working hour x? make sure salah sorang tu keje ofis hour je.

shu said...


tadi dah discuss dgn bos aku.

aku going to take some time off lepas bersalin. then lepas tu blk kerja lagi. the shift part, it really depends on project requirement.

so.. we'll see..

susah2, cha alif bot..