Tuesday, July 28, 2009

those vits that i have to take..

I missed my vitamins intake yesterday. Not the first time or second time that happened. I missed to take those vitamins most of the time. haih. i just forgot. sometimes, even when i remember, i keep on delaying it, 'later la, later la'. in the end, i just fell asleep, without taking any vitamins for the day.

But lately, i was trying to discipline myself, trying my best to make sure that i took those vits daily.

This morning my hubby ask whether yesterday i took my vitamins. i was like.. 'erm, lupa'. buat muka bersalah.

Its not that much, just calcium, obimin and neurogain. i like neurogain the most, calcium the least. neurogain the softest and easiest to swallow, calcium is a big pill for me to telan. so, i like it the least.

To be frank, i hate taking pills unless i have to. when i was small, i always through those pills that i have to take when i was sick into the kitchen sink. suka hati. so now, being pregnant.. i guess i have to force myself to. Its not just for me, its for my baby. Even maybe after delivery, i still have to. hoh.

Whats the consequences of missing these vits intakes?
Baby gets less nutrients.

Was thinking, orang dulu2 kala amik ke these stuffs?
there's a different. nowadays, we not just want to get pregnant, have baby and more more babies. with all the research etc, we already know that dengan izin Allah, something can be done to ensure that we are not just having a baby, but we are working towards having a healthy and intelligent baby. maybe. tapi orang dulu2 ramai yg sgt bijak pandai jgk. hee.

I read around, just want to figure out about neurogain even gynea dah explain. what might happen if baby is not getting enough DHA? from Mederis:

"in the last three months of pregnancy, it is important that the mother-to-be has an ample supply of the omega-3 fatty acids. Around 70 percent of all the cells that made up the adult brain are formed during this period. The omega-3 DHA central to this process reaches the fetus from the mother via the placenta.

If there is insufficient DHA for the baby, fetal development may be impaired resulting in lower IQ and poor visual acuity."

Therefore, the doctor/gynea supply us, pregnant ladies with ~ NeuroGain® PB Vegicaps®*

or something similar maybe.

In fact from my earlier pregnancy duration, my friends already told me about this neurogain and how good it is. Even, during BF or for our child after birth. Good for the brain.

some people might have start taking neurogain from earlier stage of pregnancy, aku lmbt sket, doctor lupa kot. eh.

Why aku cari pasal neurogain je?

Thats the one i like the most.



i hope today i won't forget again. maybe i should put a daily reminder in my hp. heh.

nice day, friends.

the forgetful young lady


SueN said...

hiks...sbb kite jenis yg agak tidak gemarkan ubat...so agak ssh tuk kite mkn ubat or vits....so alasan kite "luper"...or "later laa".but bile fikir tuk ank...kite akn sggup buat aper jek.....hehehe..actu its good for u too embun...so jgn mls nk mkn vits ek!!!

shu said...

baik puan!