Monday, August 03, 2009

maternity leave

Yeap, since i'm pregnant, so my blog entry these days are more to pregnancy, maternity etc stuffs. sabar lah ye.

I am slightly upset with the 2 months maternity leave policy that we are having. maybe its because im the employee, if im the employer, i might feel differently.

2 days of paternity leave. Apekah?

Is it enough?

Give me a year of leave pun maybe not enough. heee.

i read at the Badan Peguam site, it says:
SHAH ALAM, March 8 — Civil servants in Selangor now have the option to take up to ninety days maternity leave to care for their newborns, while paternity leave has been increased to 14 days.

The announcement aptly made today on International Women’s Day, by Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, was met by applause from over 6,000 members of village security and development (JKKK) committees, from throughout Selangor at a special gathering here today.

Previously women enjoyed two months maternity leave while husbands got seven days to be with their wives.

The Selangor Menteri Besar also announced that widows would get 30 days of compassionate leave compared to the current three days of unrecorded leave.

He was speaking to the village committee leaders during a special meeting to commemorate Pakatan Rakyat’s first year in administrating Selangor.

During the event, he elaborated on the various funds available to the poor, elderly and for higher education, to the village leaders.

During a press conference later, Khalid denied the move to extend the maternity leave period would lead to inefficiency in the state administration.
I am not too sure whether this has happened or not since I am not working in Selangor and it seems like the company policy is still 60days off for maternity, since zaman dulu2 kot.

Jabatan Tenaga Kerja pulak kata:

KUALA LUMPUR: Cuepacs wants the government to consider extending maternity leave for women from 60 to 84 days.

Its president, Omar Osman, said as the annual leave for new civil servants would be cut from 30 to 25 days beginning next year, female employees were asking for the government to extend their maternity leave.

The extra days, he said, were also crucial for women who had Caesarean deliveries.

Omar said the two-month maternity leave was not enough and mothers had to apply for unpaid leave.

He said the issue was raised last year with former women, family and community development minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who agreed that maternity leave should be longer.
In September last year, Cuepacs had disagreed to a proposal for civil servants to apply for five years' unpaid maternity leave, suggesting instead that they be offered six month's half-pay leave.

"I will raise this matter in a meeting with the Public Service Department (PSD) next month or in February."
Of course, until now nothing changed.

Why am i whining around about this when other million mothers here in malaysia are just doing fine with 2 months of maternity leave?

I am just jealous with my uk counterpart. they got 52 weeks (a year) of maternity leave -- 26 weeks of Ordinary off (6 months), 26 weeks additional (u decide if u want it). of course u have to work with the company for a certain duration. Paternity leave = 2 weeks.

i envy them. yeah, they have to pay 40% tax. but, i still envy them, i dont care.

having a feeling that the country & company policy won't be changed on this, i took few months of unpaid leave.

It's fine. I want to take care of my baby, my hubby and I need some rest from these shift works.


SueN said...

"i took few months of unpaid leave.
It's fine. I want to take care of my baby, my hubby and I need some rest from these shift works." <-- aku suker ayt ko yg nie...kalu aku jd ko pun aku akn amik tindakan yg sama...just nk yg TERBAIK for my beloved family....hehehe...
eh, nnt ko berpantang kat ner??

Dils said...

Actually a 3 months maternity leave is more acceptable than 2 months aight. Bukannye kite nak mintak over-over pon, but 2 months macam tak cukup je time nak recover especially caesarean or sesape yang ade difficult delivery.

Wish the union had more voice, yang tertindas, yang bayar cukai jugak. Huhu.

shu said...

suen: nanti aku berpantang kat melaka.... :)

dila: yea, 3 months is acceptable enough. true. kita ni, part welfare memang kurang sket lah kot.