Monday, August 17, 2009

runny nose monday

The bad news for me
  1. yep, flu is coming again. started last night.
  2. i got to know that i'm too late to attend the antenatal class. erm not too late, its just that the last class was held on 2nd Aug, i cant make it as i was on call. and next class will be at the end of november. ntah ape2. cari tmpt lain lah. kuza, ade tau mane2 yg best? some said its not important to attend, some said, its good to.
  3. 3D scan also dh too late. benci.
14th Aug - 16th Aug 2009, Haji Ismail's Family Day, Pagoh, Johor.
  1. i was on leave last friday. went for my family gathering at Nasuha herb and spice paradise in Pagoh, Johor.
  2. had a good time seeing my family members.
  3. i didn't bring my camera, so, no photo!
  4. orang pegi jungle tracking, aku stay back and prepared sandwiches. rajinnyer.
  5. my team lost in the games. 4th plc out of 5 groups. aih2. of course i didnt play much.
  6. but my hubby's group won! wah. 1st time datang sudah menang yer. (his first time joining the family day)
  7. had a good time watching the family performances. i didn't perform any. duduk aje kat belakang, sandar kat dinding, goyang2 kaki. itu la performance from me.
  8. got to know that my soon-to-be-born baby will be the 100th family member. hoh. sudah 100 ke? more actually.
  9. we learned a bit about herbs.
  10. we came back from Pagoh yesterday evening.
  11. pretty tiring.
Now, i wish for 4pm to come by faster as i am pretty sleepy.


Mrs Shyza said...

antenatal class ade kt hukm aku kena check balik tarikhnye bile..kalo b/feeding class,free dan tiap2 hari ade...utk antenatal,nnt aku tgk kt O&G...
kawan aku kate bagus...bwk skali,dia more prepared dgn keadaan nnt...

shu said...

:) oh.. bagus eh? hopefully org lain pun blh attend selain mak2 yg register kat situ aje. sbb aku takde register situ.. maybe 2nd baby (erk satu pun blm selesai).

bf class pun nak attend jgk kot, belajar ilmu2 yg mmg tak tau selame ni.