Monday, August 24, 2009

shop online

i like it bcz..
  1. i can do it at work
  2. it helps to cheer me up, pass the time and reduce sleepiness when i'm at work
  3. i can choose around easily (maybe not really that easy) without have any promoter girl following behind my back, waiting and tapping.
  4. i didn't realise i am spending money when i place the booking, until its about time to pay, then only i'll see my account balance. (is that good? lor)
  5. kalo shopping kat luar bnyk virus (heh). i went to MV though yesterday. i have to.
  6. when the item arrives, i get to walk to the frontdesk and collect parcel. why is that good? i can exercise a bit, reduce sleepiness (again) and i got excited - wanting to see what i bought, whether its just like in the website or they are bullshitting me.
the downside of it..
  1. i didnt realise i have shopped
  2. the frontdesk girl keep on having to email me saying my courier/parcel arrived. rasa bersalah di sini.
  3. sometimes the item NOT as in the catalog. esp some korean pre-order. but of course i did get a good ones also.
and the good news for me is i have collected 2 parcels from frontdesk today. 1 arrived last week (tapi aku cuti), one arrived this morning. happy? me? - yes.. of course.

yesterday when we went for shopping, imran got the most things but still there are things that are not bought yet (sebab? aku penat dah), his ayah got a few new shirts. his ibu was too tired and wanted to go home, so nothing for her. therefore, the parcels i received today makes me feels better (macam2).

there's one thing i realised since kawin, if we went out for shopping, as much as possible i try to beli barang2 lain/barang my hubby dulu before cari barang sendiri, which at the end, by the time nak pilih barang sendiri, im tired and decided to balik. sib baik jgk. kalo tak, asyik cari barang sendiri, barang2 yg lain lagi penting tak terbeli. except kalo barang yg aku nak beli is having a higher priority. maybe.. that makes me less shopaholic these days. always tired before start beli barang sendiri. bagus jgk.

i still like to shop at real shops too.

// Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan, kawan2. Sempena bulan mulia ni, mntk maaf bnyk2 ya if ada salah silap. :)


SueN said...

aku pun suker gak sopin online skrg ni...hehe...but cam bj korea tue aku rase cam xbest la...sbb tgk kat katalog bile dpt xleh pakai...huhuhu....

Mrs Shyza said...

dulu --> aku suka shopping online..last2 kena gelak ngn jebat sbb kt luar lg aku tak kisah pon..

skang --> aku tak suka shopping live/online..tak tau knp..maybe aku malas kot...aku suka beli mkanan je skang...sbb aku suka mkn :D

Dils said...

Suke shop buku je online. Hehe. Baju kureng sket, sebab takut tak suke. Kenkadang dalam gamba lain, rase kain die n so all.

Tapi tunggu masa jee nak aku start beli baju online

Nurul Alfian said...

ni ade lagi satu web kak shu.strawberrynet. die jual perfumes,make up n bla bla bla..
i have bought fr them far, the quality same jer mcm kat luar-not fake

shu said...

:) hait.. tq