Friday, December 04, 2009

what's cooking?

ramblings for the week.

  1. after 3 months being off from work, some asked, 'am i bored?'. 'Nope', the answer is as simple as that.
  2. since i've resigned, i had a lot of comments from others. some look at me as though i'm insane. some said its a good move. different perspectives, depends on how people look at it. some asked, 'oh, later u'll just stay at home and take care of your baby?'. i guess until you've done-it-been-there, then only u can say 'just' stay at home & take care of baby. for the past few months taking care of my little ones (watching tv too) has been taking most time of my days (and nights of course) and i enjoy every bit of it. but, its not 'just' that, when i'm are at home there are tons other stuffs to do. Since i've some other plans which i hope could help to generate some income of my own, i got busier. therefore, don't say i 'just' stay at home. (you're killing me.. urgh)
  3. i ran out of ideas on what to cook for lunch and dinner. argh.
  4. been having bad headache whole of this week. i supposed i need more exercise. i did 10 sit ups today and it not easy... just 10. hah.
  5. and i really really need to do more exercise. i need to get back my shape. i miss my pants, blouses and shirts which I have put away months ago. i'm putting away those clothes that I can't or won't use anymore and I am hoping that I could still fit in some of my favourite outfits. if not, I have to let go (sad). Less Is More, you see.
  6. managed to start back some sellings this week. 9 of my items sold. glad. thats something to be happy about despite being 'just staying at home'.
About the little ones..
  1. Imran now dah 2 months plus.
  2. when we went for 2nd month checkup, his weight was 5kg (3.6kg previous month).
  3. In this 2nd month, he has started to communicate in his own language, of course. Laughs a lot as well.
  4. He has started to held his head up. but still not that strong. just for a while.
  5. He drinks a lot. His feeding time is.. all the time. haaa.
  6. getting heavier of course.
  7. Less night feedings/wakeups. Alhamdulillah.
  8. His sight has improved. He can see people around him, his toys etc.
  9. some of his clothes, binders, mittens and booties can't be used anymore. heee the little ones is growing. (happy happy).
  10. He love to sleep on my laps during day time, once i put him down, he'll wake up!
ah thats that. I'll have to go now. I have dinner to prepare. owh my my. what to cook????


- SueN - MrS AzharI - MaMa AfnI - said...

hehehe....skrg surirumah pun dah moden....surirumah bekerjaya...bkn mcm dulu dah....aku pun dah plan aper aku nk buat bile dah tak keje...janji ader income...hehehe...anyway gluck...sronok kan tgk ank membesar...sbb kite org pertama yg akn tgk perubahan dia...

Mrs Shyza said...

cptnye imran mbesar bagai johan...pasni,tak larat ibu dia nk dukung lagik...hehehe....
actually,dok umah lagik penat...mcm aku tgk mak aku,setiap masa,ade je bende nak dibuat....but aku rs,mesti sonok sbb ko da ade teman kat umah...
part masak,nasib la jebat tu jenis yg mkn sambal,ulang2 mkn sambal sotong,sambal udang,sambal aku yg parah sket la sbb dok ulang mkn bende sama...dia takpe la,favourite...hehehe...
okla...take care...miss u a lot!

shu said...

suen: yeah,... modern mom. nak kerja blk anytime nanti cari aje le kan. kalo ade. ha.

kuza: iyer. hari tu naik kurang, skrg mcm sehat sket. lega sket ati aku. tapi mmg berat la. dukung kejap2 je. lenguh tangan che'.
betul, dok umah ni sentiasa ada bende nak buat. bila tak buat sure aku rasa bersalah kat irwan sbb dah le tak kerje, keje2 umah pun tak sempat siap. tapi dia mcm cool aje. hopefully mmg cool le. he.