Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 is here!

Wah, its already 3rd January? Ah, that's fast..

I'd like to just make a quick highlights on what has taken place in my life for the past year.
  • In January 31st - I got to know that I'm pregnant! uwah. (and its my sis bday too)
  • I turned 27! ergh.
  • I went through a lot of changes, physically and emotionally as i was pregnant..
  • my best friend is pregnant too :). alhamdulillah.
  • we moved house in June 09.
  • Imran was born in 16th Sept 09. Syukur Alhamdulillah.
  • I quit my job and still in the dark of what I am going to do next. I seems to enjoy this darkness at time, but there are times that I feel like I'm useless.. or hopeless? or less interesting maybe. I was interesting? sejak bila la plk. hee.
that's that..not much to be listed but its a lot of changes that I've gone thru.

And likely I have to make a wardrobe makeover! I cant fit in most of my jeans and shirts anymore. pretty much depressing. Friends (who has given birth before lah), any luck that I can fit back in my clothes/pants? Does it takes very long before we are at least back to almost normal?

Some said, not likely as the body structure has slightly expanded. urgh. But I can still see vogue moms out there, skinny and stylo.

I dont want to get too skinny, my cousin said, now I look like an adult, before this too thin, lorgh.

But I want to look good, now mcm shapeless. Sayang all the old pants and shirts. :(

Lately makin menguatkan semangat to do the sit ups. Sit down sound easier huh.. hehe.

Friends, happy new year! May we all be happier, healthier, better in every way.


Anonymous said...

hi shu..hepi new yr.. ;) cannot fit the old jeans?mm weight ko skrg bape..hehe..sbb aku pas abis pantang dh ble pki blk jeans b4,xpe2..exercise lbh sket..mmg ade part2 of our body yg ssh nyer nk back to normal. ;) - fairuz-

shu said...

hi fairuz..

nice nye.. lps pantang dh back to normal. i can sarung jeans dulu2, just cannot zip it up! hehe

weight skrg lbh 2kg 'je' compare to b4 preggie.

maybe sbb deliver ceaserean then mls berbengkung segala bagai.

but hr ni ada org kata my tummy dh kecik sikit! more sit ups!

hadizamron said...

adah..samela kite aku branak normal...pakai bengkung lagi pun perut masih boroi..huhu

shu said...

meh la kita exercise lagi!

- SueN - MrS AzharI - MaMa AfnI - said...

uwaaaa.....aku dah sethn lebih perot x kempis2....skrg try gel...kalu x surut gak...nk try jamu lak....hmmmm.....

Anonymous said...


There's nothing better than exercise, exercise