Friday, January 08, 2010

jeans itu

Since after gave birth, there's one jeans that I always tried to wear. Other jeans are still in big boxes.

Before this, I can fit in the jeans, but I cant zip it :p. In other words, can't wear it yet lah kan.

And last night, since we were going to midvalley. i give another try to see my sit ups routine giving any result or not.

and tadaaaa... I can wear it again.

But, I'll still continue my sit ups exercise everyday.

My gynea was telling the truth rupanya. :)

have a nice friday, friends.


Dils said...

it takes times kut. Heidi Klum ade personal trainer. We have to make do with our own self. Hehehe.

shu said...

yeah true.

different people lain.

in fact, different delivery different jgk masa utk kurus blk kadang2.

hadizamron said...

aku pun nak try sit up gak la..