Tuesday, February 23, 2010


the past couple of days, me and my hubby are a bit busy. a lot of things seem to be happening at the same time. buat aku rasa serabut pun ade.

i have compile our task list that we have to complete before end of march. it's a long list. dowh!

and currently i am actually mengclearkan my stuffs. the more i go thru my things, the more i realise that i like to keep things even those that i would never use again.

my house is currently soooo very very very uncluttered.

so.. lets clutter up!

i decide to settle for the minimalist approach. all that i am not going to use in this very near future, have to go.

and by saying that.. A LOT actually have to go.

bye bye little2 stuffs.

sadly, i dont even have time to sell those that are still in good conditions. sigh.

go for the basic, am telling myself.


Dils said...

bagus bagus. Aku ni.. sampah pon sayang nak buang. Camne tu.. Bile nak buang something, nanti husband pulak cakap jangannnnn..

Susah ade 2 orang hoarder kat rumah.

shu said...

yeah, me & my hubby pun sama, keep semua benda cam harta karun.

but this time, i am trying to be firm to myself. (konon2 nye).