Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Officially unemployed

although i have been off for about 5 months, yesterday was my official last day at work.

this morning i went to return all the office belonging, exit interview and say my goodbyes to my teammates.

its been a great 4 years of working experience there. there were ups and downs for sure.

but I've learned a lot.

i got to learn how to work with uk people.

i met my husband while working here.

i got to go to london for free....! stayed at a nice service apartment for free jgk....! sbb free je best. tapi kena kerja la.

i made some good friends, oh, not many bcz tak ramai girls in the team.

so.. thats that.

sekarang really dah unemployed. no longer a basis senior consultant. dah jd fulltime mother/fulltime housewife.

how do i feel? biasa je.

bye. got laundry to do.


- SueN - MrS AzharI - MaMa AfnI - said...

ermmm.....full time housewife pun 1 keje gak...n bkn keje yg senang....

awe said...

serius weh jadi fulltime housewife lagi penat & mcm suen cakap, bkn keje yg AMAT senang even tho i also plan to be housewife... ade sorang kakak kt nurseri cakap, pergi kerja utk relax sbb lagi penat dok rumah... anyway, Good Luck Adah... keje yg AMAT mulia :)

Em's Family said...

best bangat!! nanti mira pun ikut jugak.. this coming march but for two weeks jer :)

shu said...

suen: yep. my new employers : mr irwan and mr imran.

awe: been doing it for 5 months plus, totally exhausting, tapi for me its still fun rather than stressing out dgn problem2 system at office. nanti nak berubah angin, kerja blk la kot. heh. skrg enjoying my late morning nap, afternoon nap, bergolek2 tgk sume movie yg ade at astro sampai nak pengsan.

mira: heeee two weeks pun jadi la kan. merehatkan diri kejap. :) anyway, congrats on yr new job!