Thursday, April 22, 2010


Nice isn't it when we have at least a hope to hold on.

It helps to keep us going..

at least, that's what i think.


what if now the hope seems like something thats not gonna happen?
can i handle another frustration?

maybe, i should stop hoping much as it hurt a lot if i did not get what i want, again.


hope is what that keeps me going.


this entry is pretty much... blablabla.


- SueN - MrS AzharI - MaMa AfnI - said...

cumel giler imran....muka sejibik ko la adah....geram aku nk cubit2...eeeee...take a gud care ek...

Nurul+Hafiz said...

owh,ni mesti mase di cameron arituh yer? comel. dua2 comel. heheh.

Mrs Shyza said...

What is wrong with HOPE?tak salah kan...kalo tak tertunai,maybe ade hikmahnye...
aku doakan semuanya yg baik2 saje,ok...take care...