Tuesday, October 19, 2010

people, come and go ~

no new photo in this entry sbb photos blm load from camera. the cable, my husband bawak to office to replace his handphone charger cable yg hilang.


its been packed these past few weeks.

my parents came to visit, to see imran. they were in uk for 3 weeks.

took them to Windsor, Bath, London Central, Lake District & Scotland.

and sekarang saye memiliki ~ belacan, ikan bilis, cili kering, asam jawe. bahagia.

my parents balik kl last saturday, 16th oct 2010.

now, im back to the same routine of life.


on sunday morning hari tu, baru sempat bukak notebook after more than a week tak online.

dpt message at fb from GG that a friend of ours has passed away. terkejut yg amat, thought that, she's trying to prank me? but that's not something funny to prank about kan.

then i PM with my friend syikin. syikin told me the story. menangis di pagi hari lah saye.

its just hard for me to digest.

he was a friend from high school. tak pernah tego pun kat sekolah. tapi masa dia kat german baru lah rajin tego kat friendster, YM, call tengah2 malam time aku night shift to keep me company.

he was a good friend to many of us. he was a great photographer. patutnye balik kl nanti we want to arrange a photo session for imran with him. he has already agreed to it. but.. hajat tak kesampaian.

i think the last time i communicate with him was at end of ramadhan.

i was really sorry that i didnt know that he was sick :(.

my heart goes to his family and dear gf. :(

Semoga kamu tenang di sana, Taufiq. Al-Fatihah.


///kita hanya hambaNya yang lemah.

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