Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trip to Wales (Mid Wales)

10th - 13th Sept 2010

We've spent our Eid at Wales, as mentioned before. So, here are some details and photos on our trip. It was a 4 days 3 nights trip. I enjoyed it a lot even it was pretty much raining the whole time. UK kan.

We stayed at The Old Station Caravan Park. We booked a 2 bedroom static caravan. It was my first time holidaying in a caravan, was pretty much nervous just in case the caravan was not that comfy. however, it turned out to be really nice.

The caravan that we had: Sheraton (nama dia)

The rooms were ok, but difficult to get a shot. so no photo, ok. First day, we arrived at the park was pretty late and it was raining. We went out to the Elan Valley Visitor Center which was about 20mins drive from the caravan park, but everything was already closed and we were a bit lazy to get out from the car (hujan!).

The next day, we went to Warren Wood and walked to the Water-Break-Its-Neck waterfall.

It was a nice walk along the stream, with pebbles and all

Then from there we went to Elan Valley Visitor Center again. It was raining again!!!!! pening acik camni. we gathered the infos needed the we set off. Elan Valley has 5 reservoirs in its area. So, lets check out if i still remember their names, hehe.

Oh, i found the map:

These reservoirs are to provide water to Birmingham. Quite far, they used underground canal, if am not mistaken to flow the water from Wales to Birm, England.

The first one is Caban Coch. we were standing at the viewpoint right beside the dam wall. This was my first time being so near to a dam. Thrilling yet scary pulak when thinking what if the wall pecah. so lets ignore the 'what if' for that time being so that i could enjoy the breath-taking scenery.

at the parking area

the reservoir ~ Caban Coch

ape la ye yang dua beranak ni intai ~

makcik ni rupenye, ntah tgh petik ape

Caban Coch

loving this view

i want to see jugak..
 Then we continue our journey. Next destination, Claerwen Reservoir.

This dam, we can walk on it.

Lepas tu dah penat tgk dam, nak makan le. we found a picnic spot, just below the dam, which i feel like the best picnic spot i had so far. sgt tenang (or was it because imran was sleeping? hehehe).

scenery like this always reminded me of enid blyton books, love them.

Then we set off again to Dol-y-mynach. dont ask me how to pronounce, blm khatam welsh lagi.

The journey continues, next destination Pen y Garreg reservoir and Craig Goch. Tapi ada 1 photo je tinggal and i dont know which one is it. hentam je lah.

After a day seeing the reservoirs rase nak muntah jgk. asyik2 ni je. but actually the views around the valley were pretty nice, we drove around jalan kecik2 cenonet, sheeps we by the road side tgh bz makan. it was really peaceful, tapi kalau tgk gambar je, cant appreciate much i think. kena pegi baru rase suasana nye (and amik bau taik kambing ~ hehe).

the valleys
Then we went back to the park.

The next day, we went to Beacon Brecon National park. The views were pretty much the same as the day before.

Ok, thats that. Sudah pening tgk screen computer lama2. maklumlah orang tak kerja, kan.

::: wales, i'll be back ~


- SueN - MrS AzharI - MaMa AfnI - said...

gmbr last imran cam nk nangis knp??
bile la leh dukung2 imran..huhuhu...geram nk cubit pun yer gak....

haWa said...

bestnye tinggal dlm caravan, dulu pernah gak time @NZ... so nice view ada!

Nurul+Hafiz said...

nak pengsan tgk, sbb best sgt.

Mrs Shyza said...

view dia sgt best :)
kalo kt facebook,nak like byk2 kali kt semua gambar..hehehe...

ps: jacket imran dan ibu sgt chumel (smpt lg nk tgk baju org kan..hahaha)

Dils said...

lawa gileeerr.. must be relaxing, apart from the raining and walking, tapi walking with such a view. Hehe.

shu said...

suen: hehe nangis ngamuk kenape tak igt dah.

awe: best kan. wah, i always wanted to go to NZ. tahun2 depan lah.

nurul: yea, cantik kan ciptaanNya.

kuza: best jgk le, bnyk sheep gemok2. geram! ps: jacket kami biase aje le :D

dila: yea, hujan je la yg spoiled the mood. other than that, it was a very nice vacation. :)