Monday, November 29, 2010

it's cold

Its winter now. 

In London, its not snowing yet. Its just frost/ice. The grass looks white but its just thin layer of ice. The cars covered with ice. In northern & eastern part of Britain, its snowed already.

Its very cold though, outside. We spent most of the time in the house. eat and sleep. Collecting as much fat that we can. hm.

Today is about 1 degree celcius, feels like -7 degrees celcius, according to metcheck. mainly its always below 0 degree. Of course, its not -30 degrees like in moscow. hee.

At times, i waited for snow, every morning i keep checking outside whether it snowed or not. i want to have the snowball fight with neighbour's daughter, sledging & etc. but at the same time, i don't want the snow to come yet, i haven't bought our wellies!!! hm hm. 

its too cold these day that going to High Street, for shopping, is not fun. Pity imran too. The other day we need to go shopping for mr husband's winter attire. We went to Westfield Shopping Center. Took us almost 40mins to reach there with traffic etc (soooo london, boring!). The mall was nice. Pretty big we didn't get to go to the whole mall, apparently. But, managed to find decent winter clothing for mr husband and with decent price. mostly things there are damn damn damn expensive. esp for someone salary-less like me!
hm snow ~ ****

people said, when its snow, first day is fun. After that, you wish that its over. its just too wet, messy, wet, wet, cold, wet again.

whatever it is, i am trying to enjoy my time here. its not long before we are going home. we won't be here for next winter ~ so, let's enjoy and treasure the moment!

now, since its cold, seems like i'll be joining little imran for a nap ~ that seems like an ideal way to enjoy the coldness of the day.

you there, enjoy your time with your love ones too!

//sometimes, i can forgive, but i find it's hard to forget.

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Em's Family said...

wish i could touch the snow one fine day :)