Saturday, December 11, 2010

going out

like, really out. not for dentist appointment/grocery shopping at asda or tesco! FINALLY!!!!

(its about time, really, am going to burst if i did not get to come out of the house soon. tepu of boredom. nak berjalan sendiri, i can't drive around. naik tube plk imran gile berat kalau nak bawak sendiri.)

we are going to London today. Of course not really thrill that we are going to London sbb i prefer somewhere outside London. ngee.

Today we are going to accompany our friends Budi & family who came from Oman. He used to work with us at a*on. Oh, gaji orang kat Oman gile banyak. bestnya! Lari topik.

gtg, saye nak mandi, pakai baju tebal2 and siap2 makeup2. eceh as if pakai makeup la.

tata. have a nice weekend ~


Mrs Shyza said...

semoga adah,imran dan irwan have fun! :)

shu said...

thanks. we did tho its very tiring and sejuk. its fun to get to see some friends and berjalan2. :)

hope u've had a good weekend too.