Monday, December 20, 2010

it snowed ~

outside its still covered in snow. 

Two weeks ago its was snowing, just a thin layer of snow at our place. Some other part in the UK snowed pretty thick. Then it dried up. messy.

Last Friday it snowed again. Thin layer too. About 1.5inches of snow. Me & Imran went out to play. My husband was at work. I didn't get to bring out our Canon to take photos. Quite troublesome  to carry big camera as I need to look out after Imran. So, just some photos and video from my handphone.

On our way out. "Imran jalan sendiri, ok. Berat le nak dukung."

Let's make a snow baby

On Saturday, it snowed even more. Or, since we were on the road at that time, shall I say, worse. It took us 2.5 hours to get to a place where it supposed to be just 30mins ride. Our whole trip took 5 hours long! Keluar at 10.45am, reach Isleworth back at 3.45pm. Then we went for grocery shopping and reach home at 5.20pm, which is almost Isya'. So, u can imagine how dark and cold it was. so no snow man or butterfly stuff.

Its snowed about 6-7inches. To drive around, its pretty challenging esp for us first timers.

the next day, Sunday, no one play outside anymore,  its just too cold. So, we went to the mall ~ Westfield. 

till then, anak dah bgn tido.


Mrs Shyza said...

nak pulak imran pakai gloves dia sgt comel,jalan tkedek2 mcm 'boo' :)

siap aksi nak baring atas snow..tak sejukkah sikecik??rindu lah imran sama ibu imran :)

shu said...

tu la.kengkadang dgr kate plk, tapi kalau main snow kat luar, dia tau kot sejuk. terkedek2, esp bila pakai winter jacket yg ni, tebal. nanti aku upload video dia jln time pakai jacket ni.

rindu kamu jgk. n midvalley **

naughtiest maximus said...

imran ghajin sapu snow kat lantai ek.. alahai.. geget geget geget

Nurul+Hafiz said...

comel nyer imran senyum kak shu!!! geram tengok.

(hugs imran)

take care kak shu & enjoy your holiday~