Saturday, December 25, 2010

its a long holiday here

as my husband client office is closed for the week, or more, so starting last friday till monday 3rd of January, he's off.


however, we are not going anywhere far. planned to go to Oman but we cancelled it as the flight ticket is too expensive and the weather is currently very unpredictable. it could be snowing  at anytime and then spoiling the whole travel plan. In fact to travel by car or train is also not advisable. As too many people travelling aroung at this time, so it was said in the news, travel if only its necessary.

Therefore we decided to stay in London.

Tube is having a strike a gain, i think. They couldn't have chose a better time. hm. Wondering if their pay is really low ~ how come they still can't get it raised after sooooo very frequent strikes being made. hope, they'll get a fair treat so that passengers get to travel without any problem.

Oh, here are some photos of imran enjoying the snow.

Let's make a little snowman

we don't have anything to use to make the eyes, nose & mouth. belasah ~

yep, i know, takde rupe snowman pun.Three of them, from left represent: ayah, imran, ibu

My husband asked, why there are no eyes, nose etc. I said, those were lucky to even have the head. not too easy to keep them all in one piece as I have a little giant trying to smash the snowman, snowbaby & snowgirl (girl ok).

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