Saturday, December 04, 2010

when weekend comes

* and yet it doesn't feels like weekend. boring! upsetting!

Its 5.56am and i am here, blogging.

These days its hard to find time to sit in front of the notebook. The notebook used to be on the sofa where all the power cable can be hidden behind the sofa so that its not accessible to the young boy name, Imran. 
But since the past week or so, he can already climb the sofa! So, there goes my notebook. on one fine day, i'll upload the video of him hijacking my notebook the first time he managed to climb the sofa.

So, my notebook has to be put inside the room if i want the notebook to last longer.

Since he managed to walk, then now climb here and there, I've been more occupied. I can't really let my focus wander away, else sure something would happened. He keeps falling & injuring himself here and there. When it includes bleeding, of course the heart of the mother feels like...... *  :(

Oh yeah, I have just scratched 'setting up a kindergarten', as one of my future plan. Come to think of it, I don't want to be responsible for other people's children. Mine is quite enough :).
Today, we are not going anywhere much. Just going to the dentist and then to asda for grocery shopping. 

In fact for the past one month we barely went out of the house. Mr husband is a bit bz with work. The weather been a bit cold and its not pleasant to be out for too long. Our last weekend away from home was to Brighton, Sussex during Halloween, which is end of October. Can't wait for the next outing.

When 7 days a week feels like weekday, after a while, it got depressing ~ for me. Someone who really get bored super easily.

Spring, come faster!!!!!!

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- SueN - MrS AzharI said...

waa...bile dah pandai memanjat normal if ada jatuh2...aku pun dah naik boring duk dlm umah...sbb asik berperang ngan afni..