Tuesday, January 04, 2011

gentle reminder to myself

  • do not forget to bring baby carrier every time u are going for a vacation. remember remember remember
  • jgn terlalu seronok bershopping!!! u do not have an income! aih! and u have chores to do rather than burying yourself in those online shopping sites while little imran is sleeping!!!!!!!
thats all for now. list will continue on soon.

I need a reminder -- else I'll be drifted away.

Oh. happy new year, all!

May this year brings more happiness to us all and may we become stronger to face more challenges!!!!


Em's Family said...

Happy New Year..

hope u can "avoid" the hardest thing for woman hahaha.. :D

shu said...

thanks mira. happy new year to u too.

hope so!!!!