Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, dear sister!

On 31st January 198*, i was blessed for a sister. Some said, there's a reason Allah creates sisters. To be there for each other during the ups and downs.

While cleaning & sorting up my stuff before coming to UK, I found a card you sent to me maybe many years ago, I think more than 10 years ago while you are still in Penang. The card says, "Why God Create sisters" or something like that. It really touched me. 

I am lucky to have you.

You are always there for me. I can't thank you enough, but THANK YOU still.

During the happy days, during the down times. You are always there holding my hands.

You are more like a big sister that I never had.

You once said, that your friends quite amazed on how well we can get along though we are like in a different phase of life. I am already working and you were still in uni.

We didn't get to grew up together, but Alhamdulillah, we get to hang out a lot during the few years before i got married.

There are days when you'd finished your class earlier (is it? or ponteng eh? haaa kantoi :D) and i'd just got a day off work (maybe just EL who cares), we'll just drove off somewhere and spent the day with window shopping & simply eatingggg, thats what we did best. makan. Therapy kononnye.

Thanks for helping me out with these tedious stuffs. Finding those little flowers, ribbons etc. Made those hantaran. I love them a lot.

I miss you dearly. Hoping that you are ok & always happy there.

Will see you soon, InsyaAllah. Then maybe you could ponteng kerja and spend a day with me pulak? ngeee.

Happy birthday, mar! Treat yourself something good, ok!!!!?



Asiah Abd Jalil said...

I am really touched! I have two younger sisters. Wish I could express my feelings to them, just like how you did...

naughtiest maximus said...

cedih.. klo mar bace x leleh ayor mate, nmpok sgt tipu kn.. thx so much.. feel appreciated.. and i appreciate everything you hv done for me too, Kak Shu.. Kak Shu terima baik buruk mar, terima Mar seadanya.. which tak semua orang boleh buat.. some people out there sesame siblings pun dengki.. but us, i never felt that way, and never will.. i'd do anything for you.. i'd die for u.. cause u are my everything in this world.. i really miss you Kak Shu.. :,( cepat pulang ye.. and we could go to all the places u wanna go and get all the food that u told me u wanna eat.. i'd take u anywhere u want.. give u everything that u need.. thanks so much Kakshu.. this entry is soooooo sweet... i ♥ u always

Nurul+Hafiz said...

naper kiter yg nangis ni kak shu?
best kan ade sister, i wish i have 1.

shu said...

asiah: :)

marco: <3 u too!

nurul: kamu mmg ske nangis ni akak rase. anyway, u got me! haha.