Monday, March 07, 2011

imran & crayon

As promised to my dear marco a.k.a makngah bambam imran, here's the latest video of my little guy ~

We never bought him any crayon. Simply because not wanting the walls at home got vandalized.

We went to Jom Makan yesterday, the waitress gave imran some crayon & a paper to entertain himself. Kinda work well as he did not disturbed us much and feed well.

He loves yellow crayon. Did not want to put it down. Both hands pegang crayons but satu tangan mesti pegang a yellow one.

To makngah bambam: Get well soon. Eat well!!!! Eat a lot!!! Sorry that we are not around to take care of you. We do care though, a lot ~ Have a good rest and enjoy the rest of your day off. No more backhand unless it was really necessary, ok! xoxo.


Em's Family said...

aaaa so cute!! suke crayon sampai nak makan crayon yer imran :d

Mrs Shyza said...

aku baru nk puji,bagusnye imran tak mkn crayon tuh,skali,dhujung video,masuk gak dlm mulut...hehehe...

ps:imran mcm boo dlm monster inc la :D

shu said...

mira & kuza: tu la, dia mula2 main ok2 je. lama2 geram kot, nak test ape rase nye. hehe.

kuza: ps: tgk la iboo dia :D

naughtiest maximus said...

hahahahhaha gewam gewam gewam.. dier kasik kaler cair skit.. artistic tu.. cam atok.. hehe

siti aishah said...

imrannnn!!! busu siti nk cubit pipi tu bole? huhu :p

imran suka dpt kale2r yer.. fahmi pulak suka tgk iklan dlm tv. bkn main fokus lg tp cite start je smbg main balik. haha~

shu said...

mar: keturunan mmg artistic haha

siti: dia suka jgk tgk iklan, tersenyum simpul/tergelak2 tgk iklan, kadang2 siap cium2 tv tu,iklan habis dia sambung la main blk. hehe same le tu.