Monday, June 13, 2011

Bahiyah's visit

//long due entry

My sister came here on 22nd Feb2011. She wanted to go to Cadbury World, since we haven't been there, so bawak lah.

Day 1: 26th Feb 2011

Cadbury World, Bourneville, Birmingham.

It was a good experience. Not as I imagined a chocolate factory which charged-me-that-much to look like. I imagined it would look something like Willy Wonka punya choc factory, wrong!!! :p

tickets yang TIDAK murah, hehe.

imran & ayah queuing to masuk

chocolate bulat2 nak swimming

saye semakin bulat! mcm coklat bulat2 :((. wajib diet!

chocolate bulat2 fishing

chocolate bulat2 skiing

Us ~ 'termasuk' sekali 2 orang malaysian lain yg jumpe kat situ

The photos are in tunggang-langgang order. takpe la ye. Most photos that we took aren't so good. so, thats that :D

Nice place for a day out with family.

We want to go again? ~ Ah, not for me & my husband. Simpan duit utk bende lain lagi baik :D


Day 2: 27th Feb 2011

Stratford-Upon-Avon, (Shakespeare's Birthplace)

Nice small town. Kami tak masuk though the village sbb hujan & sbb takde duit la :D. Aufa has already been here, so she didn't want to masuk jgk so, we just makan, strolled around the High Street then head off to next destination.

Tempat Shakespeare lahir

at the High Street

Next destination: Bourton-on-the-Water, Cotswold.

This is our 2nd visit here, just nak bawak baya berjalan. Nothing much, jalan2 keliling kampung je.

This place is very peaceful with river running thru their village, lepas tu dia buat jambatan kecik2 sane, kecik2 sini. soooo comel. mcm kampung main2 je. tapi betul le.

Next destination: Burford

This is just a small old town. Nice, tapi sbb masa kitorang sampai, it was raining and sejuk le sangat, so, takde la jalan2 sgt ape pun. Yg penting sempat p toilet je. penting tu.

Day 3: 28th Feb 2011

Destination: Christ Church College, Oxford.

Dari dulu berangan nak tgk tempat Harry Potter shooting. Dpt tgk dining hall dia pun jadi la. Much smaller than what I imagined, but it was nice ~

After that we went to Bicester Village ~ tempat shopping2. then pulang ke London :).

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