Monday, November 14, 2011

Imran & train

My packages arrived today, erm more like my husband went for a morning run to post office to collect them.

They were imran's potty & new wood train set. The latter is his favourite toy. Oh his smile when he saw the picture of the train set on the box, priceless. So, let see the photos below, which basically recorded his activity from the moment i unwrapped and assembled the train rail till now..

My first attempt to move him to his bed was unsuccessful. Marah dia, dia sambung tido tepi train dia. Skrg dah moved lah.

Ni baru first day, esok... Hm we'll see. Ipod blh smpn jauh2 dah.

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Mrs Shyza said...

akhirnye ade bende yang dpt mbantu melekakan dia dan ibu ble buat keje dgn aman :)

- SueN - MrS AzharI said...

waaa.....sweetnyer.....kan best kalau camtu...aman ibunyer nk wat keje

shu said...

tu la.. dpt la relaks kejap bace2 buku..