Thursday, January 19, 2012

Its just not meant to be

I have just came back from 3 weeks holiday in malaysia (er if you can call it holiday, as everyday is actually a holiday for me hee). Its been quite a hectic time esp for my husband (aku ape la nak bz plk, bz mkn je la) as he still got to work and during that time the workload was tremendous.

Thanks to my parents and siblings ~ for everything ;)

Ah, a week before i went back to MY, i discovered that i had a miscarriage (or miss miscarriage ke gitu lah).. I was at around 12/13 weeks. It was unfortunate, but i suppose its just wasnt meant to be.

Erm, during this 2nd pregnancy, i never throw up at all but i had this nausease feeling ALL the time, super tired and super grumpy. Not that grumpy is unusual for me even during normal days ngeeeeeee.

After the miscarriage i still feel the same or likely worst bcz the sac was still there.

During pregnancy, having to bear morning (or whole day) sickness is quite ok (i think) since there is a baby coming, but when i had the miscarriage and still got to go thru that for almost a month, i feel really tired and it felt kind like a wasted effort, of course, its not like anyone bother anyway ~

So, apologise if i've been bit snappy or grumpy during those time. Sorry if i've offended anyone.

Finally, i managed to squeeze some time to go to see my gynea and went thru for d&c during the final week of my stay in MY.

Alhamdulillah, so far semuanya ok. Less loya, more energetic and start cooking back like before i was pregnant! Rumah ade la rupe rumah sikit. Nowadays, there are dinner and kuih on the dining table every evening! Ermmm sementara rajin la ye :)

Oh, fourth day here since we got back from MY and anak kesayangan dah demam plk, sakit tekak, flu, batuk. Winter!!! Urghh. Kesian. Baru selera mkn nk bertambah. Semoga imran cpt sihat!


Dils said...

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Especially so that after it happens you still have the pregnancy symptoms.

Hope you are well!

shu said...

Tq dils. U've been there too.. :) we've just got to be a strong gorgeous ladies.. Heee