Saturday, May 12, 2012

His last stay & play :(

Today is our last day in the uk.

We are excited to go home but there's a slight feeling of sadness knowing that we are about to leave behind the place we called home for the pass 2 years.

No matter, life is about remembering the past, treasure the present & dream/plan about the future. Hoh.

These are imran's photos yesterday @ his last stay & play.

Dah besar nk jadi tukang push cart ke anak ibu ni?

This might be the last time im blogging from here. Next time, ntah bila la tu, it might be from malaysia Weeee! Hm i mean, insyaAllah, kalau ada umur.

Wait for me: bapak mama marco bid (adik2 lain 'ilang'), Laksa, sotong kangkung, tahu bakaq, asam pedas ikan pari, ford fiesta.. Oppss the last one came out at the wrong section?

Se u @ the other side of the world, insyaAllah.

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Em's Family said...

welcome back to malaysia :)

- SueN - MrS AzharI said...

welcome back...mesti sedey kn...sbb aku bc pun rasa sedey......lgpun sume kenangan imran membesar kat sana...aku suke gmbr last tu....happy sejuta kali...hehehe

shu said...

thanks mira & suen!