Thursday, August 02, 2012

A year and a bit ago

On 23rd July 2011 to be exact, we went to Esher PYO farm, Slough, UK.

I didn't think I ever had a chance to upload any photo from the visit until this morning, I have this chance to sit in front of my notebook to godek-godek here and there (bayar bills sebenarnye tadi). Well, it wont be long before imran wakes up though.

Here are some photos during our visit. Imran enjoyed the farm a lot, probably because he loves fruits and he could eat them fresh direct from the trees when ibu or ayah weren't looking. haa.

More cherries, more!!

fresh cherries are the best! ;)


trying some blackcurrants

hahaha sooo sour. yuksss. haha.

rasberries time. kosong sudah bakul ye nak.:)


Kinda miss those days. Happy to be back home but deep inside, i do miss some part of the experiences,outings and activities we had there. Anyhow, its not just about the past, its the NOW that matters more isn't it?

And NOW i got to get ready for the day, a lot to do today!

Have a blast day!!!!

##its getting a tad bit irritating typing at this notebook. imran has somehow managed to screw with the space bar!!! aihhhhhhhhhhhh.

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