Thursday, January 03, 2013

Imran 1st day at school

Imran is actually on 3 days trial at one of the nearest kindy from home.

Went to school with his oversized bag. Esok guna smaller bag sbb td tgk asyik kena angkat naik turun when the snack time comes.

The school was ok.

Imran at first didnt want the teacher to check his temperature and sanitize his hands. Ibu has got to do it.

At first he was put in a class together with others yg going thru the trial as well. He cried a lot during first 30 mins in class. Others also started crying, imran la ni. Sooo sebak.

After that, the principal move imran to another class where all of them went to this school before, so all very cool n well. No one crying whatsoever. But they are bit aggressive though, if u ask me :p. And imran started to cool down esp after ibu promise to buy him ice cream if he behaves. Tapi kejap2 mintak nk blk. Tibe2 mintak nk ipod dia.

Well, 3.5 hrs seems so long that day. Alhamdulillah he survived it.

Doakan he'll be ok!!!

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