Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What fb did to us

Actually, a lot. This is not a thorough research report. It's just my thought this morning after everyone went off to school & work, i had a quick peek at my fb feed.

Some people manage to do business. 

Some people, tracked some old friends. Some made new ones.

Some people revealed everything about their lives. Even things that they shouldn't have. 

Some create groups to support each other, changing ideas. 

Some create groups to bring others down.

Some use it to help avoid crimes, some create crimes.

Many more.

There are pros and cons.

It's good to keep up with the technology, but let's not loose ourselves there.

Let's try to keep our family safe by not publishing everything. Your home, whereabouts, family members. 

Its good to share, it's just that certain things are just too much for certain people to take in, they tend to become envy of you. 

This morning, my feed was filled with great and very inspiring stories. There is a group that i joined, always has some spicy, good reads about life, parenting, women, kids. I am glad. Good to read some other people good perspectives on life.

Those people with a lot of negativities, i have to take out from my news feed. Don't worry, you did not lose a thing.

I need to stay positive. For my kid, husband, family and mostly for me so that i could serve Allah, husband and family better.

Surround yourself with happy positive people and thoughts!!!

As for fb, it will still be there, i will still use it, but i hope, it will always be a good use.

Love, Shu. 


anak Wan Salleh said...

i pun tengah tunggu masa nak bersihkan my FB.. banyak sangat orang2 tak dikenali (gara2 contest)

shu said...

hihi dah kurang bercontest ke skrg? or masih aktif? :D