Sunday, February 02, 2014

those darn gadgets

// a gentle reminder to myself.


These days, most people owned a gadget, at least. Young. Old.

Including myself, of course. Otherwise how am i supposed to type this! :P

So, with all these smartphones, tabs, computers, etc, with all the pros and benefits they brought into our life, one way or another, there must be something bad it brought along. Obviously.

Recently, we were talking about this, me and my aunts. They were complaining that their grandchildren are always drown in gadget world. Whenever they called them, for help, lunch etc, they will just be ignored. uh oh. 

So, have we become such an unresponsive community? Perhaps!

Well, actually. I think, the young learn from the elders or pretty much that's what the gadgets do. We get hypnotized! Hm. To be frank, it's even a pretty common scenario these days that whenever our children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews called us, we just tell them to wait as we need to work (on our gadgets). hah. 

When that happen one too many time, we have actually has just told our youngsters, that its fine to just ignore others when you are on your gadgets. No need to Salam/greet people when people come to our place or going to other people houses, when you are busy with your phones/tabs. No need to converse with people, you can just play games or fb-ing when you are having guests, being a guest or at your hometown. Because that's what most of the adults around them DO. We cannot blame them. It's definitely our fault.

To refrain them from using gadgets at all, might be ridiculous. Kang jakun pulak.

But, we have show them the right way of using those gadgets, so that, in long term run, they will not forget how to communicate and relate with other human being. I hope i could do this for my lil one. 

Gadgets are fabulous when we use them wisely. Otherwise, they are just going to be one of the factor why our kids just got drifter away, deeper and deeper into gadget world, forgetting the real world they should be enjoying.

As for us adult, the more time we spent on gadgets, the less time we spent with the little one, parents, siblings, spouse etc. We are to busy connecting with other people, we tend to forget the most important ones under our own roof. Then, one day, when they have all grown up/move away/gone, its a tad bit too late to turn back time, isn't it?

again, this is just a gentle reminder for myself. Having loads of friends are good, connect with others are good, so that I also can keep up with the outside world but i have to always remember, not too forget those around me, who most of the time, matters most. Real connections are the most important.

I am not against those gadgets, don't get me wrong. I love them. Heee. But gotta love the family more. Gadget hilang, beli baru, family members hilang, mane mau cari ganti!

// iPhone 6 dah nak keluar ehhh???? heeee

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