Thursday, February 09, 2017

2017 yeay!

Opsss its February already!!!

Oh my, we've been so busy these days. Imran has started the year with high fever, first day of the year, we have already been to A&E. hehe. Well, in total we visited clinic for 4-5 times in January for various reasons, then in February I think its been once so far when he fell off his skateboard and now he's having a high fever. If tomorrow there's no improvement we might need to pay his doctor another visit. Imran hasn't been at his best physical health, i supposed these days. Always having sore throat, flu, rashes and fever. Doctor would say its just the time of the year. What make matters worst, his schoolmates also always on MC, down with fever and all. I guess, its not just him. And its catchy! Urgh.

Anyhow, there are things changing with my life these days. As I have ended my kiosk contract with aeon end of last year, my schedule kind of free these days. Starting to pay more attention on what I want to focus on moving forward. Not getting any younger. Haha. My new scarfs are in printing process as i write these. I hope it will turn out fine. I am pretty nervous as I know I am THAT fussy kinda person. aih!

so.. other than that, my days are changed due to imran's school session being in the evening this year. Last year it was on the morning session. Everything is the other way round these days.

Ok. I am tired. till we meet again!

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