Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Online Shopping

What do you love most about online shopping?

For me:

  • Well, no one is tapping foot (or being cranky or crying his heart out) while waiting for me to choose my new shoes or tops.
  • I can do it without any human interaction, anti social game at its best.
  • No need to go to the mall. I can skip getting ready, find car park, huge crowd, viruses they carry around.
  • Eh, whats not to love, its shopping!! Urgh as if u need a reason to shop.

Well, there are some downsides too, for me:
  • the color might differ.
  • the sizes might not be as mentioned.
  • i cant hold test try feel what the material feels like.
  • sometimes, items never arrive, for whatever reason.
  • but, i still love the fact that i can shop online, even my dad love so, he doesnt really enjoy offline shopping.

By the way, when I say online shopping, i didnt mean those "PM or whatsapp me" stuffs. I mean real online shopping from Zalora, Lazada, ASOS, Argos, Next, FashionValet, Dida for Women, 11street, Amazon, eBay, or any proper online shopping website.

How about you?

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