Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Travel via air with young children

We have had our fair share in term of travelling with infant, toddler, young children as Imran has been travelling since he was a wee baby.

Before we went to Jakarta when he was 4 months old, we tested ourselves with a trip to Port Dickson and Cameron Highland (3 months old). The Jakarta trip to my husband's hometown was his first flight trip. Ah, I couldn't recall weather it was a pleasant flight or not. Haha, those happened more than 7 years ago, what do u expect.

Anyway, at 8 months old, we relocated temporarily to London as my husband was on work assignment. That was the longest flight trip Imran has to go through. Of course since then we were back to KL few times, then to Jakarta for short holidays. It was not easy. I can tell you. Haha. At times i feel like my legs went all numb because he only wanted to sleep on my lap. Imagine 6 hours not moving your feet, urgh. But, I tried as much not to move because when he's asleep in the flight, we tried our best not to wake him. hahahahah.

Ok, so, these are notes that i want to keep so I will remember, based on our experience of travelling here and there, might not apply to u as they applied to us:


  • Bring their toys
  • Bring their pacifier
  • If they have flu, bring their meds.
  • mucus extractor hehehe
  • Enough milk
  • spare clothes for u and baby, towels
  • wet wipes, tissues
  • plastics for dirty cloths
  • fav pillow or blanket
  • put on a comfy loose clothes.

Toddler/young children
  • toys
  • drawing book, pencil
  • fav pillow or blanket
  • fav food or snacks
  • milk
  • plastics
  • wet wipes and tissues
  • spare clothes
  • water
  • put on comfy loose clothes 
Make sure when taking off or landing, give your kid something to drink or nibble so that they can regulate their ear pressure. 

When we have flu, well, definitely its gonna get uncomfortable, get them to clear their nose as much as they can.

For us, travel time plays very important role in determining whether our kid going to behave well or going to be very cranky. If we get into the flight when he is too tired, past his bedtime, he is going to be pretty restless, and we all are going to have a pretty tiring and stressful flight. We would normally choose a time when he could stay calm for a bit in the flight before he needs to sleep.

Always get on board of a flight with full tummy. Even if the airlines are serving food, its not going to be as soon as u boarded, what makes things worst if the flight is delayed or the queue to take off takes a long time. So, be safe, feed the whole family before boarding a flight. 

So, hopefully, one day, if i tend to forget these, i could refer here. :)

Well, all these are based on my experience, I am pretty sure these are not all and all of these might not work with other people or kids. People are different, we are unique in our own way. Embrace that.

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